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Latest News

Sacred Mounds is a Finalist in Screencraft's Cinematic Book Writing Competition!  Winner to be announced April 20, 2022. 

New Print Edition !

A new edition of Sacred Mounds will be published by PHir Publishing, TX, with a release date of April 30, 2022. Kindle versions can be pre-ordered now. The audio version is available on Amazon.

Graphic Novel

Chickasaw Artist Dustin Mater created this sample page to demonstrate what a graphic novel version of Sacred Mounds might look like. It shows the traditional game of Tchung-key in progress: One player throws a disc  and immediately his partner throws a spear, attempting to land it as close to where the disc lands as possible!

SacredMounds_Page_VisualSamp-4 copy.png


Drawings of the Natchez made by expedition priests in the 18th century

Great Sun Carried copy.jpg

The Great Sun Being Carried in a Litter

Black Drink.jpg

Warriors partaking of the Black Drink

Harvest copy.jpg


Famous Mounds

serpentmound copy 2.jpg

Monks Mound, Missouri

Monks Mound.jpg

Map of Mounds - each dot represents a present or former site!

More News & Events

Coming Soon!

We're honored to announce that the Portuguese language version of Sacred Mounds will be published by Grupo Narrativa in Portugal.


Book Trailer

Aerial views of the mounds, first drawings of The Natchez; banging the drum for "Sacred Mounds"!  Watch the video here


Online Reading

Secrets of the mounds revealed! Watch the video of the reading here.  ​

Online Book Launch!

With Jim Metzner, Hutke Fields, Principal Chief of the Natchez Nation, singer-songwriter Tim Hill and Flautist Steve Gorn.   Watch the video of the event here.

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